Save your Husbands from Sin

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Save your Husbands from Sin

Our Muslim sisters are generally negligent of attracting their husbands to themselves sufficiently by beautification and by other means. As a result, even if they are physically close to the husband, it is as if they are not there at all. Whether the consequences of this are light or serious, it is unfortunate that the woman will have to bear the brunt of it all. Allaah I has made the wife a garment of her husband and vice versa. However, many women do not seem to give this enough thought. Whereas an important function of garments is to conceal the body, another very important purpose of clothing is to beautify a person.

Just as clothing wraps a person, a woman should beautify herself so that she wraps her husband’s attention exclusively for herself. She should captivate his attention and imagination by fulfilling all his permissible desires. A person is open and unrestricted beneath his clothing, yet he appears well covered in front of people. Similarly, a married man’s chastity is well protected in public because he has a wife. However, he is open and unrestricted to satisfy himself with her in a permissible manner. She therefore has an extremely important function to fulfill because she is the only means by which her husband can satisfy his sensual passions. Now if a woman has to be dressed like a street-sweeper and is careless about personal hygiene, her husband will have no interest in her. His eyes will then start roving and it should never occur that the poisonous arrows of infatuation penetrate his heart.

Is the cure for this situation not that a woman should keep herself attractive so that her husband’s eyes stay riveted to her? If a wife neglects this, she will soon find her husband enamoured with the parading masqueraders adorned with the artificial beauty and false glitter all manufactured by beauty parlours. The evil effect of this will even distract him from remembering Allaah I. We therefore appeal to our Muslim sisters to ensure that their bodies, their clothing and their permissible means of beautification should all harness the complete attention of their husbands. In this manner, they will secure their dominion. It should be borne in mind that if they resort to impermissible means of beautification, they will drive their husbands further from them.

When the wife takes the time and effort to beautify herself, she will be saving her husband from major sins. In addition to this, she will also be saving herself from unnecessary grief.

Many women complain to the Ulema and Muftis that their husbands do not love them and have no feelings for them. They lament about how their husbands meticulously carry out the orders of their parents without any consideration for her feelings. These husbands have no time for their children and continuously scold their wives. The best “Ta’weez” (amulet) for this situation is that the wife should use whatever means of beautification she has at her disposal to ensure that she remains attractive. She should be grateful for the natural beauty that Allaah I has given her and do her best to captivate the husband’s attention. When this is achieved, all her worries will disappear. She will then have her husband eating out of her hand and he will even ignore her major faults. He will then do nothing against her wishes and no other woman will appeal to him irrespective of her beauty and charm.

If a wife fails to charm her husband, the consequences will be devastating. When at his office or company, another woman needs only to affectionately ask, “What is the matter that you seem so sad today?” thereafter even a married man’s heart melts. Then, she leads him into sin. It may even happen that the most unattractive prostitute is waiting on a side street for someone to pick her up. However, the passing man does not realise what she is hiding beneath the layers of make-up until after he has committed the most despicable sin and she has washed her face. In many cases, the man realises only after marrying a second wife that she was previously married and that he was foolish to cause grief to his first wife. All these situations may well have been averted if the man’s wife did not dress like a maid-servant at home and if she had taken better care of herself.

This piece of advice to women is given with conviction based on the experiences of thousands of women. When a woman fails to maintain a high standard of personal hygiene and fails to adorn herself for her

husband, the couple may face serious problems. You may try it for yourself. Whenever your husband looks at you, you should appear like a bride to him. In this manner, you will avert many difficulties and unpleasant situations that leave a bitter taste even though they may be permissible. May Allaah I grant all Muslim women the ability to take heed and to practice.

We will now present to you some advices that an Arab poetess gave to her daughter who was to be married. A brief explanation has been given in English. It is anticipated that if a woman in any age practices the teachings taught in these advices, Insha Allaah her home will be like a garden of Jannah.

A Saudi Arabian artist has presented these advices with beautiful illustrations so that the messages are portrayed more vividly. In fact, you may even understand the messages without the English explanations. We have dedicated these advices to every Muslim woman in the world. Please read them in conjunction with the illustrations and try to practice what is being said.

The First Advice

My beloved daughter! Lead a life of contentment. Be content even with simple foods. The dry bread and water eaten with contentment is better than a sumptuous meal eaten after your persistent complaints forced him to grudgingly provide it for you.

The Second Advice

My beloved daughter! Always listen attentively to what your husband says, give importance to what he says and do as he says. In this manner, you will soon win a place in his heart because it is not really a person who is beloved, but what the person does that is most loved.

The Third Advice

My beloved daughter! Be his confidante and never disobey him. If you disclose his secrets, he will lose trust in you and if you disobey him, you will not be safe from his wrath.

The Fourth Advice

My beloved daughter! Never display your happiness when he is grieved i.e. share his sorrow. Never reveal any hidden grief when he is happy and never complain about any of his qualities. Be happy when he is happy (never spoil is happiness) because you will then be counted among those who bring sadness to his heart.

The Fifth Advice

My beloved daughter! If you want him to honour you, you should have great respect for him and do as he pleases. He will then also be your best companion throughout every stage of your life.

The Sixth Advice

My beloved daughter! Guard this advice with your life. Te bud of happiness will not blossom in your life unless you suppress the desires of your heart to please him and you prefer him above yourself in every situation. With these advices, I leave you with Allaah I. May Allaah I destine good for you and protect you from every evil. Aameen.

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