Women and The Love of This World

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The Prophet (peace be upon him) has informed us that he has not left men a greater trial than that of women. For this reason he ordered the women to cover all of their bodies save the face and palms, and men have been ordered to lower their gaze. He also prohibited men to be in privacy with women he is not related to. He said that if two such people were alone, then Satan made the third of them. An-Nasai records in his with a sahih chain..

“The woman is to be concealed and when she goes out, Satan makes her look beautiful to the men who look at her...”

In these days we have witnessed this calamity as the majority of women are going out of their houses in exactly the manner that the Prophet (peace be upon him) had described to us: they will be dressed but naked at the same time. Companies in the East and West have been established to show men and women undressed and in lewd acts in motion pictures and other forms of media in order to attract people to such acts.

As for the love of this world, it is the root of every sin. The spilling of blood, wasting of wealth, exploitation, cutting off of the ties of relationship only occur because people covet this world and compete for its pleasures and limited, depleting resources.

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