The Purpose of Ramadan

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Ramadan is a month of spiritual revival. Allah has created one month in every year in which the devils are locked up, the doors of Paradise are open and every soul has an opportunity to reach higher levels of spirituality.

The human soul is such that our faith is constantly going up and down. The various rituals of Islam were designed to help us maintain our levels of faith and gradually increase them.

Our five daily prayers help us maintain spirituality and connection to Allah on a daily basis. Hajj allows us to completely revive our faith once in a lifetime. And in between these two, we have fasting in Ramadan to help us restore our faith on an annual basis.

The goals of Ramadan can be summarized as the following:

1. To increase our Taqwa (God-Consciousness).

2. To connect with the Quran.

3. To revive our Imaan (faith).

4. To become closer as a community.

5. To earn forgiveness for our sins.

6. To purify our souls.

As you prepare for Ramadan and set your goals, keep each of these objectives in mind. Your Ramadan should revolve around accomplishing each goal mentioned.

Some people go through Ramadan without experiencing any permanent change. However, if you set a plan, stick to it and work hard, you can make this Ramadan a period of true transformation for your soul.

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