Description of Love and Lust

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The views of Ibn Hazm on Love.

He has a philosophy about love, he believes that souls are scattered in the air and when they meet, they feel love.

The theory of love is based on similar characteristics. Al hubbil hudri (the love that is humble and not lustful).

The first part is jesting and the last part is right earnestness.

Love is neither disapproved by Religion nor prohibited by law for every heart is in God’s hands.

Love is not about physical attraction but it starts with it. Love just happens; it is natural.

The noble love – passions of heart with righteousness and piety.

Nature of love – conjunction between scattered parts of souls that have met in universe.

Loves is based on assimilations and similarity in characteristics...

Physical attraction not very important, but it is what leads love…

Try to find natural attributes that you both share…

He takes the literal meaning of things…..In his book he was looking for

noble love not lustful love…

Love is halal, for every heart is in Allah’s hands!

Love is a sickness, ailment; its remedy depends on the degree of their love

Ibn Hazm says that love is natural, but can Allah test us with this?

Yes, Allah always tests us to see our obedience in him..

Does Ibn Hazm agree with “opposites attract”?

Yes, these characteristics are like having similarities in love.

Ex. Hold a snowball in your hand and it will still have the same effect as holding a burning coal.

In conclusion, you will not find two people in love unless there are some similarities.

Humans are born perfect and you are attracted to the perfection of the person…

“Of Love-may God exalt you! -is in truth a baffling ailment, and its remedy is in

strict accord with the degree to which it is treated; it is a delightful malady, a most

desirable sickness. Whoever is free of it likes not to be immune, and whoever is

struck down by it yearns not to recover. Love represents as glamorous that which a

man formerly disdained, and renders easy for him that which he hitherto found

hard; so that it even transforms established temperaments and inborn dispositions.” - Ibn Hazm

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