A'ishah's House

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While we discuss the life of the Messenger of Allah (S.A.W) through the women Companions, each of whom played a distinguishing role in his life and in the course of his mission, we should not forget to discuss 'A’ishah's room for many reasons.


First and foremost, it is the noble Prophetic room that shelters the Prophet's grave and his noble body. It is the only room that still exists of the rooms of the Prophet's wives. It was the room that the Messenger of Allah (S.A.W) wished that he should be nursed while he was sick of fever. It is the room that shelters the remains of two leaders: Abu Bakr and 'Umar (may Allah be pleased with them).


There is a story worthy of being told concerning burying the two leaders beside the Prophet (PBUH) in 'A’ishah's room. Her father had commanded her in his sick bed that he should be buried beside the Prophet The command was implemented. So a grave was dug for him in her room. His head was made parallel with the shoulders of the Prophet (PBUH), his grave was brought close to that of the Prophet and water was sprinkled on it.


Also, when 'Umar (R.A) was stabbed by Abu Lu'lu'ah, the Zoroastrian, he sought the permission of'A:ishah (R.A) to be allowed to be buried in her room. Indeed, I always feel a severe cold and I seriously shiver whenever I read about the stance of Ibn 'Umar and his saying when 'Umar's body was brought (for burial) at the door of 'A’ishah's room, Ibn 'Umar said on that memorable moment, "The slave of Allah, 'Umar ibn al-Khattab is seeking permission to enter into the house of the mother of the faithful, 'A’ishah." So 'A'ishah allowed him in and showed compassion.


The mother of the faithful, 'Aishah was increased in greatness and honour, for she used to say (before 'Umar was buried there); "It is only my husband and my father that are here." But after 'Umar was buried there, she said, "I do not longer enter the room but with my garment fastened because I was shy (of being in the presence) of 'Umar.


As we do not want to talk much about the Battle of the Camel, we are only going to say some calm and wise statement and not convulsive and agitate statement that only divides and does not unite. We are saying a statement that is far above sectionalism and bigotries; and that transcends individuals and figures, and events and periods so that the hearts and minds can meet, and then all that can be united in the melting pot of Islam.


It is a conscious statement that illuminates the road so that we can tell the friend from the enemy, especially since we, Muslims are in a perpetual war, which is the war between truth and falsehood.


All narrations in all historical sources are unanimous that the negotiations that took place between 'Ali on one side and Talhah. Az-Zubayr and 'A’ishah on the other were almost successful in arriving at a truce, peace and protection of blood


It is usual that the group that has suffered a loss would not be pleased with that. Who is that group? It was the same group with its personalities. They are those who came from Egypt revolting against 'Uthman (R.A). 'Abdullah ibn Saba' the Jew had filled their hearts with malice and hatred. And the event of the day of Dar took place in which 'Uthman ibn 'Affan was martyred. That was a historical calamity that destroyed the political edifice of Islam.


At the dawn of the appointed day in which announcement of the truce and peace was to be made, the situation exploded and the Saba'iyah19 started the war and the rest is now history.


Therefore, the greatest crisis selected it role, its place and its path; and the blood of the Muslims was the fuel of that crisis.


In the month of Ramadan in the year 58 A.H. 'A’ishah had her fatal illness and she said in her will:


"Do not follow my bier with a fire nor lay a red velvet piece."


She then surrendered her soul in the night of Tuesday, 17th of Ramadan at the age of sixty six. She was buried on the same night after $alat al-Witr in al-Baqee'.


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